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Custom Carbon Brush Solutions Tailored To Your Industry

007Carbon has over 16 years of experience in creating custom Carbon Brush for our clients in over 30 different industries.

We have accumulated valuable experience in tailoring solutions for your industry and products that can be used in a variety of products and industries such as:

  • Electric power tool
  • Household appliances
  • Industrial Applications
  • The Medical Industry
  • The Automobile Industry

Sourcing Carbon Brush From 007Carbon

Unlock unparalleled quality and innovation for your business with 007Carbon’s premium carbon brushes, designed for diverse industrial needs.



For Motor manufacturers in various industries

Elevate your motors with our carbon brushes, tailored for efficiency and longevity across multiple industries.

carbon block material china carbon brush manufacturer 007carbon

For International power tool brand owner

Enhance your power tools with our high-performance carbon brushes, ensuring unmatched reliability and power.

carbon brush shape carbon brush manufacturer 007carbon

For Power Tool Repair Company

Rely on our durable carbon brushes for your repair services, offering lasting solutions and optimal performance.

brush holder mould carbon brush holder manufacturer 007carbon

For Home Appliance Repair Shops

Provide top-tier repair with our versatile carbon brushes, perfect for various home appliances, ensuring customer satisfaction.

brush spring carbon brush spring manufacturer 007carbon

For Electric vehicle manufacturers

Drive innovation in electric vehicles with our advanced carbon brushes, designed for superior conductivity and durability.

carbon brush cable carbon brush cable supplier 007carbon

For Home Appliance Wholesalers

Stock your shelves with our dependable carbon brushes, enhancing the value and reliability of your home appliance offerings.

carbon brush packing carbon brush packaging custom manufacturers 007carbon

Watch a 2-minute video to know why choose us for your OEM or Private Label partner

Step inside our production line and witness the creation of carbon brushes that redefine motor efficiency.

Discover the efficiency-driven production of our carbon brushes:

  • Cost-Effective: High-quality at 30% of the cost.
  • Long-Lasting: Durable design, 40% cheaper.
  • Enhanced Performance: 30% longer lifespan, no extra cost.

Ideal for brands and retailers seeking performance and value in motor components.

Why our Customer Choose 007Carbon

We Value Your Time! Our team is 7×24 on standby, just like there is no time zone. Enjoy efficient service at 007Carbon.


Instant Response

Time is Money! Any inquiry or email will be replied to within 12 hours. Generally, We act faster than expected.

Friendly MOQ

MOQ is just 1000 pcs at 007Carbon, Which is flexible for your plan and easy to start your custom project.

Quickly Sampling

The sample will be ready within 3-5 days and shipped by FedEx or DHL. Ideally, You will get the sample on hand by 1 week.

Fast Turnaround

Generally, Your order will be completed within 14 days at 007Carbon if quantities are less than 1,000pcs.


Listen our Customers' Voice.

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Frequently Asked Question

The following are common questions about customized carbon brushes. Please timely communicate with us for more in-depth questions.


Usually, the MOQ of carbon brush customization is 1000 pieces, maybe less, the specific situation depends on communication.

First of all, the freight of the sample is free. If the value of the sample itself exceeds $100,you need to pay part of it.

The third party appraisal agency approved by both parties shall keep the original sample sealed. If the quality of mass production is inconsistent, we shall take full responsibility.

If molds of order is less ten kinds,date of delivery is 15 to 20 days.Volume of Carbon brush is small,the mode of transportation is usually door-to-door express or by air,or LCL by sea service.


Excluding the problems of other motor accessories, the noise caused by carbon brushes is often the problem of the material itself.You can contact with us,our technical expert gives you the solution.

The spark of the carbon brush is synchronized with the noise,The resistance of the carbon brush material is too low, the material density&hardness are too large, and the pressure of the spring is too large, which will cause the problem of large spark.

The life of carbon brushes is short mainly because of electrical wear,increase the resistance of the carbon brush, increase the porosity of the graphite block,or the net oil is inside the graphite pores.Of course, the most important thing is the quality of graphite itself.

Our technical team members come from the leading companies.For details, please refer to our company introduction.

Custom Your Power Tools Carbon Brush Can Be Easy with Satisfaction Guarantee

Driven by the flexibility of the material and our exquisite craftsmanship, there is an unlimited possibility of custom Power Tools Carbon Brush at 007Carbon.

Whether you have a drawing, prototype sample, or just a reference picture.

Contact us today, get reply tomorrow or even sooner

Please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@007carbon.com”

Your information will be kept strictly confidential.
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